Every since I was a little girl, I’ve wanted to write articles about sustainability that boost sales for companies.

*Record scratch* Wait, what?

Of course I didn’t! But these things have long been true:

  • I’m passionate about writing stuff people will drop everything to read. 
  • I’m sneaky-good at making complex topics interesting and understandable. 
  • I’ve been a marketing-team-of-one for an organization with 80+ employees, where I honed myself into a lean, mean website-traffic-driving and sales-boosting machine. 
  • As a resident of a 50-square-foot tiny home (read: a van) with my partner, I live and breath sustainability. Hard not to when you’re constantly monitoring how much trash you’re making, water you’re using, gas you’re burning, and solar you’re generating vs. gadgets you’re powering.

These qualities have shaped me into your new favorite secret weapon: a content writer that drives serious traffic and sales for your company around sustainability topics.

Don’t take my word for it. I’ve got the snackable screenshots of #1 search engine results to prove it: 

Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 2.59.10 PM
Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 3.00.29 PM

Long story short?

If you're ready to leverage the buzz around sustainability and rise to the top of search engines, we need to talk.

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