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Morgan Randall is a freelance writer and marketing consultant for hire

Picture having:

★ Articles that rank #1 on Google search pages

★ 1000%+ increase in social media-driven website traffic in 12 months

★ 62%+ increase in advertising revenue in 12 months

★An army of fans as passionate about the planet as you are

I’ve gotten these results for other businesses and organizations.

You can bet your carbon credits I’ll get them for you.

Morgan Randall is freelance writer and marketing consultant for hire

I’m Morgan, a content writer

...with a serious heart-on for Mother Nature

That’s why I specialize in writing about the relationships between people, the environment, and businesses.

Ever the optimist, I believe that growth and progress without environmental annihilation is not only possible, but profitable. So do you, I bet. Otherwise, why would you be here?

Whether you’re a corporate content manager, a media outlet editor, or a non-profit marketing director, if you want articles written about sustainability topics, I’m the writer for you.

Sound like fun?

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Morgan Randall understands that a good story starts with a question, not an assumption. She puts her curiosity in the driver's seat, chases down the best parts, and makes sure that people remain at the heart of her narratives. She's also efficient, hits deadlines, and works hard to make the unique accessible.

Brian BoylesExecutive Director, Massachusetts Humanities

Morgan has been a pleasure to work with. We have had her work on a number of long-form content pieces for us and the results are always fantastic! The level of detail is great, pieces are always returned on time, and Morgan is always willing to work through any revisions that are needed. I can not be happier with the quality of content and we will continue to work with Morgan going forward. I'd highly recommend her if you are looking for a good writer!!

Cody SlingerlandOwner, Jawfish Digital

Morgan has a true knack for balancing tone and content. She does her research—not only on her subjects—but on her clients too. The result? Content that fits seamlessly within our print and online platforms.

Erin GreenwaldEditor-in-Chief, 64 Parishes


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